Okay, kiddos! Ears not ringing yet? I've just the thing! Get yer old heart a-pounding with some horror sounds and let this creeper through your speaker. Here's this year's last scream!

☠ Boris Karloff from House of Frankenstein
☠ Jerry Bryan- Vampire Daddy
☠ Spike Jones- Monster Movie Ball
☠ Maury Laws, Mad Monster Party? OST, “The Mummy”
☠ Excerpt from The Mummy (1932) trailer
☠ Peter & The Wolves- Mr. Frankenstein
☠ Tom Gerun & His Orchestra- The Boogy Man is Here
☠ Billy Snel- Queen of Halloween
☠ Randy Fuller- Wolfman
☠ Wayne Bell & Tobe Hooper, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre OST- “Opening Titles”
☠ Larry’s Rebels- Halloween
☠ Don’t Open the Window TV spot
☠ Earl Patterson- Nightmare Hop
☠ Bobby Bare- Vampira
☠ Bing Crosby- The Headless Horseman
☠ The Deadly Ones- It’s Monster Surfing Time
☠ Claudine Clark- Walking Through a Cemetery
☠ Dawn of the Dead (1978) unreleased OST- “Truck Attack”
☠ Creed Taylor Orchestra- Haunted House
☠ Eddie Thomas- Frankenstein Rock
☠ Claudio Gizzi, Flesh For Frankenstein OST- “Frankenstein Theme”