AHHHHHHH! Hello again, all you Hallowe'en fiends! Shake the bats outta yer belfry and lissen up! Fresh from the deep is another collection of spooky wax tracks for you to creep. Ghosts groan and chains clatter on this set of spooky platters!

Ep. 7
☠ Wade Denning & Frank Daniels- The Werewolf Attacks
☠ The Kac-Ties- Mister Werewolf
☠ The Brian Sisters- The Boogie Woogie Man
☠ Sam Sham & The Pharaohs- Haunted House
☠ Krzysztof Komeda, Rosemary’s Baby OST- Main Theme
☠ The Cramps- Surfin’ Dead
☠ The Naturals- The Mummy
☠ Boris Karloff films spot
☠ Roy Webb, Cat People OST- Main Theme
☠ The Hollywood Flames- Frankenstein’s Den
☠ Carl Stalling- Music from Disney’s “The Skeleton Dance”
☠ Fabio Frizzi, The Beyond OST- Verso L’ignoto
☠ Beyond the Door spot
☠ Frankie Stein & His Ghouls- Saturday Evening Ghost
☠ Gene Krupa & His Orchestra ft. Anita O’Day- The Walls Keep Talkin’